Refund Policy

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We want you to feel comfortable in doing business with BUSINESS TURNKEY EXPONENTIAL.

BUSINESS TURNKEY EXPONENTIAL - 30 Days Refund Policy: Due to the nature of the BUSINESS TURNKEY EXPONENTIAL Course and the accessibility of our products immediately upon purchase, there is a conditional strict 30-day return policy, which begins on the date of purchase. Any inquiries for a refund after that 30 days will be denied, unless it's a fraud case. Please note that for us to issue a refund, your reason must be VALID & JUSTIFIED.


  • We do not refund people who do "Not As Described" refund claims because they would be lying and it's easy for us to prove it just by sending our sales page and product page to PayPal or their credit card provider.

  • We do not refund people who make a "Payment Not Authorized" claim, UNLESS they can provide either 1) a police report event number or 2) a credit card cancellation letter issued from the credit card provider due to fraud. Let's face it, if someone is a fraud victim, these are the 2 basic steps they would take. Failing to present one of the 2 documents, will result in a refund refusal.
  • We put in place a contact me page to resolve issues: If you try to get a refund without contacting us first, it's o.k. But expect that we will fight the claim…

  • There is a trend of people buying offers, getting access then refunding and because of that we have been working very hard with payment processors like Paypal to close down people with those types of accounts.  That is not to say you do not have a real and genuine reason, but it must be a real one.

If AFTER Reading The Above, You
Still Feel Entitled To A Refund...